Saturday, August 1, 2009

NBT001 The Sound of Justice

Compilation tracklist

Side 1
High on Life - Nailbat Tapes Theme
Meemaw - Witch Solo
Deluxin' - Lova Busage
Dawn - Proud to Be
Gut Reactions - Make You Hate Me
Tigers Con Queso - Awful
Chris Freeman - Tidal Wave
Poet Named Revolver - Ex-Meadows
Bad Friend - 24 Morning (Early)
Shitty Brother - Buzz Aldrin Vs The Space Invader
The Most Amazing Century of Science - The Five Things Wrong with Bubb and Lil' Sis's Demonstration of the Whistle-Tip
Ark - Renunciation (Vision)

Side 2
Jeff the Brotherhood - Cancer Killer (Busted)
Smokedog - FF
Cantasy Famp - Honey Lips
Magick Plants - Long Grass
Capricorn Rising - Antiquated Ghosts
German Castro - Megiddo
Mammoth - Closed In, Crying Out
Big Nurse - OCD (live)

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