Sunday, December 13, 2020

Makeup and Vanity Set - Liturgy (NBT033)


With his Makeup and Vanity Set project, Matthew Pusti has pushed the boundaries of synthwave and progressive electronics since the late 90s.

While Pusti is no stranger to darker, more sinister sounds (see his work on the "Jogger" soundtrack or the "Charles Park" series of EPs), "Liturgy" takes MAVS into more foreboding territory. A sprawling yet intense listen, "Liturgy" is the sound of something dreadful just beyond view, something closing in but never seen.

Originally released as a surprise drop on Bandcamp Day, July 3, "Liturgy" now gets its first official physical release with special edition artwork, limited to 50 cassettes.

FFO: Tim Hecker, Roly Porter, Vladislav Delay.

written and recorded by makeup and vanity set

instruments: moog mother 32, eurorack modular synthesizer.

recorded in 2017 and on tour, october 2018.

pan flute on 'Incinerar' performed by cal dykes.

visual art by gg puentes, from his film 'crisalida.'