Monday, April 8, 2019

Suffering Profusion - Obsilitary

Sonic deconstruction from one of the best new voices in noise. "Obsilitary" features the desperate vocals and harsh textures found across the Suffering Profusion catalog, but this time augmented with more flourishes from the worlds of power electronics and early industrial. Full volume is mandatory.
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Ayatollah - Monoambiente Insalubre

Colombia's Ayatollah serves up 7 tracks of dense, seething noise that combines industrial coldness and stabbing, harsh textures. Masterful textures, expert noise-craft.
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Red Boiling Springs - Paternal II

Like the first Paternal tape, Paternal II was constructed primarily using in utero samples captured through a fetal Doppler monitor, plus additional vocals and field recordings. These tracks trace the events surrounding the birth of my son on March 19, 2018, including my wife's postpartum complications that sent us back to the emergency room.

Heartbeats by Desmond Brady Sullivan
Vocals, field recordings by Matthew Wayne Sullivan

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Maltheist - Servile

Maltheist follow up their explosive debut with a second demo of seething, furious deathgrind. Five tracks of disdain and ridicule for humanity.

Tapes start shipping in mid-November, with immediate digital download. Limited to 50 copies.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Dim Lords - Last World, Dead Universe

This album came to Nailbat Tapes anonymously, the creators refusing to identify themselves. What they left was a screed formed out of twisted and barbed black metal, and this message:

"We are strangers . . . dim lords compared to what we once were. We transmit to those who have forgotten. Signals for those in thrall to infernal machinery. This world is the last in a dead universe. The silence of all space soon shall reign. We accomplished nothing. We endured no tests. Our pathetic excretus shall fall."

Limited to 50 pro-dubbed tapes. Digital download included. Ships mid-November.

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