Thursday, July 12, 2018

Fecal Vomit - Rectal Invaders

Chaotic, off-kilter, unpredictable -- this is everything you'd expect from a project called Fecal Vomit.

Based out of Serbia, Fecal Vomit offers up a harsh noise in constant motion, with disorienting hard-panning and distressed tones that burrow, squirm, and completely discard the idea of equilibrium.

Hand-numbered and homemade, comes with digital download. Limited to 25 copies, 20 in translucent green cases, and 5 in red-backed Norelco boxes.

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Clawing / Offerbeest - Split

Two of the finest practitioners of unsettling and enveloping audioscapes team here for varied takes on drone, noise, and sonic wrangling. Alabama's Clawing is a collaboration between the prolific trio of Jeff McLeod (Gezoleen, Saragashum, Bert) Austin Gaines (Calques, Hadals, Japanese Women), and poet / spoken word artist Matt Finney (It Only Gets Worse). Their work here is an expansion on the ghostly world conjured on their masterful debut, "Spectral Estate," with an unsettling aura that rests atop a current of anxiety and contemplation.

Offerbeest is one of the many guises for Dutch artist Maurice de Jong, perhaps best known for his work in the twisted black metal / experimental terror that is Gnaw Their Tongues. With Offerbeest, Maurice relies on analog synths to conjure bleak passages through demon haunts.

Limited to 100 copies, pro-dubbed with digital download included.

Preorder here. Ships around June 1.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Red Boiling Springs - Paternal

Red Boiling Springs is my personal project, and Paternal is a document meant to retrace the events of the night my daughter was born. A medical emergency during labor put her life at risk, so these sounds are an attempt to cycle through the anticipation, anxiety, panic, and relief of that night. Aside from some vocals at the end, all of the sounds manipulated on this tape are of my daughter in womb, captured using a fetal doppler monitor.

Limited to 25 copies. Comes with digital download.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Raven - Downfall of a Modern Man

Nailbat is pleased to announced the latest from prolific Serbian noise maestro Raven, entitled Downfall of a Modern Man. Inspired by recent worldwide events, Downfall is the soundtrack for oblivion, an unflinching assault of harsh noise that offers no breathing room, no compromise.

Limited to 25 copies. Includes download code.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

New Distro Items

Lots of new stuff available in the Nailbat Store, including distro items from Tapes of a Neon God and Kitschy Manitou. See below for the full list of titles, and you can listen to samples here, ranging from black metal to harsh noise to hardcore.

We've also got new releases slated for the second half of the year, including tapes by Serbian power-electronics maestro Raven and the latest by Red Boiling Springs.

Meantime, we're down to the last few copies of the Maltheist demo, which you can still snag here.


Some long out-of-print tapes are available for free download over on the Bandcamp page, including some crossover thrash by Dawn, dissonant noise rock by Cantasy Famp, and the Sound of Justice compilation, which was the first-ever Nailbat release from back in 2007.

New tapes in the store:

  • Death Engine - Amen
  • Death Engine - Mud
  • Slave - Slave
  • Plebeian Grandstand - False Highs, True Lows
  • Idylls - Prayer for Terrene
  • Coordinated Suicides - Life is Beautiful
  • Churchdweller / Hadas / Void En Vogue / Winter Ritual split
  • Hadals / Japanese Women / Pleasuredome / Pornography / Settlement split
Purchase and listen to samples here

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