Thursday, May 21, 2015

Red Boiling Springs - Environments C30

The long-delayed new Red Boiling Springs tape is available. It's called Environments -- manipulated guitar and synth, field recordings, and found sound collected over the course of several months in 2013 after moving to Portland, OR.

All tape orders come with a 3-inch CD-R copy of Actual Malice. Originally released as a digital download in 2010, it's probably the harshest and most chaotic collection in the RBS catalog.

Buy it here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

International Cassette Store Day Month

There's a new Red Boiling Springs tape on the way, and I had every intention of putting it out on International Cassette Store Day. Unfortunately, it's not going to be ready before then. So instead, I'm marking everything in the store half off for the rest of September. Enter discount code "tapestore" to get 50% off.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Now taking preorders for new batch

The Young Livers, Massacre of Ellis, and German Castro tapes are set to ship the week of June 16. Each are limited to 50 copies. You can place a preorder over at the Nailbat store, and I'll send an email with a digital download for each purchase. Each tape is $5, or you can buy all three for $12. Listen to samples from everything over here.

NBT010 The Young Livers - Songs for Fighting C40

The Young Livers served up sloppy, snotty punk rock the old-fashioned way. The first side of this tape includes the chaotic, Dead Boys and Fugs-worshiping Perfect 10 EP (they even cover the Fugs' "Boobs a Lot"), while the second side is taken from The Good Takes, recorded after the band coalesced into something resembling a stable unit with a penchant for the Sonics. There are a couple live tracks thrown in for good measure, including a thorough butchering of "Who Do You Love?"

Comes with digital download. Available over here for $5. Limited to 50. 

The Young Livers' Facebook page

NBT009 German Castro - The Passion of German Castro C46

Consisting of just bass and drums, German Castro was a noise-rock/metal two-piece from Nashville that released a couple EPs and appeared on a couple splits. This compilation includes the first physical release of the Petrol Coast EP and draws from the rest of the band's non-electronic noise releases (for that stuff, see Prism, Vol. 1). Included here is the band's self-titled demo, tracks originally released on the 3-inch CD split with Makeup and Vanity Set, and a couple unreleased songs and practice recordings.

The cassette comes with two-sided J-card, which includes a lyric sheet. Comes with digital download. Available over here, $5. Limited to 50.

NBT008 Massacre of Ellis - Hanging With the Trainables C20

Coming from the college town of Murfreesboro, TN, Massacre of Ellis were a house show fixture in the early aughties, playing Andrew WK/Mclusky-style party punk with no-wave sensibilities. The trio is long gone, but Hanging With the Trainables is the Massacre's first official release. This tape is a remastered recording of a house show at the Firestorm in Murfreesboro sometime around 2005.

Limited to about 50 copies. Comes with digital download. Available over here for $5.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Upcoming tapes

The vaults have been raided for the next batch of tapes. I hope to have these ready in the next month or so, and each will be limited to 50ish copies. Here's what's on slate:

The Young Livers Songs for Fighting
This is something of an anthology for a trashy Murfreesboro, TN, punk band that only released a couple CD-Rs back in the mid-2000s. They started out as maybe more of a collective than a band -- probably 20 people played in the Livers at some point, and the lineup usually included whomever happened to be at the show that night. That side of the band is captured on the Dead Boys-worshiping Perfect 10 EP, while The Good Takes was recorded after the lineup solidified into something that moved a little closer to Sonics territory. Both EPs are on this tape, along with some live stuff.

The Massacre of Ellis Hanging With the Trainables
Another band from the Murfreesboro, TN, house show circuit of the mid-2000s that I'm pretty sure never released anything (See this compilation for more cool stuff from that scene). This is a "remastered" live recording from a house show at the Firestorm in 2005. Imagine I Get Wet played by a no-wave band and you'd have a pretty good idea what this sounds like.

German Castro The Passion of German Castro
This is my old band, and the motivation behind releasing this is mostly that we never put out a physical copy of an EP called Petrol Coast. So that's on here along with a handful of other tracks, plus everything from our first demo. There's a lyric sheet, too, even though the lyrics to two of the songs are embarrassingly bad