Friday, October 23, 2020

Necröspeed - Demo 2020 (NBT034)


Raw and filthy blackened thrash from Malaysia. Necröspeed worship lo-fi ugliness, and on their debut demo, they take the first-wave black metal of Bathory and Venom and channel it through early speed metal and thrash influences like Motörhead and Sodom.

Limited to 75 tapes. Comes with download code.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Cryptic Rising - Putrid Remnants (NBT032)

Vile, repugnant industrial death metal from the Tennessee-based shape-shifters in Cryptic Rising.

On the Demos collection released on Nailbat Tapes in 2019, we heard a project that morphed from second-wave worshiping black metal to noise-infused doom to bestial blackened death metal, with detours through dark ambient scattered in between.

On Putrid Remnants, Cryptic Rising shed their skin once again, delivering a heaving slab of industrial-infused death metal. Originally released digitally by the band in January 2020, this is the first official physical release.

Purchase here.

Dim Lords - A Paler You (NBT031)

The second slab of blackened caustic vitriol from the mysterious Dim Lords.

On the anonymous band's debut, we found a fully formed amalgam of black metal, punk, and pyschedelic rock. On "A Paler You," we find a more volatile mix of those ingredients and an examination of deep levels of parasitism.

The bile spit forth on these 6 tracks come from a shadowy group filled with disdain and one that carries no interest in interacting with any of us.

Purchase here

Friday, May 22, 2020

Inseminated Corpse - self-titled demo (NBT030)

When the covid pandemic started, it stalled several Nailbat releases. Rather than wait idly, we constructed this revolting piece of industrial goregrind. Only for true freaks.

Packaged in whatever materials were lying around, which happened to be cardboard, paper, packing tape, and C60s. Each tape has the demo dubbed probably 10 or 12 times.

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Thinner - Ugly as Sin (NBT029)

"For those full of rot, and despair:

Three harsh noise collages with traces of assembled power electronics and metal. Layers of samples chopped, cut, pitched, and degraded, accompanied by waves of distortion, and feedback. Dreary synth interludes, and nebulous ambiance all inspired by physical illness and volatile love."

Purchase here. Comes with digital download.