Monday, January 20, 2020

Thinner - Ugly as Sin (NBT029)

"For those full of rot, and despair:

Three harsh noise collages with traces of assembled power electronics and metal. Layers of samples chopped, cut, pitched, and degraded, accompanied by waves of distortion, and feedback. Dreary synth interludes, and nebulous ambiance all inspired by physical illness and volatile love."

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Leather Parisi / Corroded Carcass - Black Petrichor (NBT028)

Hopeless soundscapes from Italy and the American Midwest.

Side A features Italy's Leather Parisi, a showcase of bleak power electronics and industrial noise.

Side B disintegrates courtesy of Corroded Carcass, with expertly sculpted harsh noise walls from Cleveland.

Purchase here. Comes with digital download.

Red Moon - Eclipsing (NBT027)

Red Moon is a dark ambient / drone collaboration between Slovenian experimental artists Umdhlebi and Brgs. "Eclipsing" is their second collection, but with drastically different versions released in the US and EU.

The original EU version was released by Strigon Records in April 2019. This US version draws upon performances from the same sessions, but with a different tracklist showcasing a different side of the duo's cosmic drone.

On this version, we encounter a darker, harsher version of Red Moon, who conjure up a dense and foreboding meditation on the infinite.

Purchase here. Comes with digital download.

EU version available here.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Cryptic Rising - Demos (NBT026)

From January 2017 to November 2018, Cryptic Rising churned out five demos steeped in asphyxiating black/death metal, each released in extremely limited quantities. Now in slightly less limited fashion, all five demos are collected in one 15-track compilation.

Running in reverse chronological order, you can backtrack from the caustic pummeling of Demo V on through the dark ambient/dungeon synth exercises of Demo III and ultimately back to the second-wave worshiping origins of the blackened Demo I. Along the way Cryptic Rising infuses elements of doom and war metal throughout. But no matter the ingredients, the results are always bleak.
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Monday, April 8, 2019

Suffering Profusion - Obsilitary (NBT025)

Sonic deconstruction from one of the best new voices in noise. "Obsilitary" features the desperate vocals and harsh textures found across the Suffering Profusion catalog, but this time augmented with more flourishes from the worlds of power electronics and early industrial. Full volume is mandatory.
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