Sunday, December 13, 2020

Depleted / A Vintage Death (NBT035)


Depleted and A Vintage Death occupy similar spaces in the doom metal spectrum -- both are one-man projects, and both push doom into more extreme territory. But the upcoming split from the international pair shows the wide range of possibilities within death/doom. 

First is Depleted from Portland, OR, helmed by Matt Sullivan of Evaporated Sores, Maltheist and Red Boiling Springs. In two prior demos on Nailbat Tapes and GreySun Records, Depleted melded death/doom with harsh noise, but the funeral doom influences are more apparent on the epic "Wreckage," with mournful melodies skirting a scorched earth.

A Vintage Death is the brainchild of Carmine d'Annibale (Rising Moon, ex-Condanna) from Ortona, Italy. Taking the sorrowful approach of the Peaceville Three, A Vintage Death melds regal death/doom with abrasive black metal. Taking the template set on the Acrid Death Fragrance EP, d'Annibale further distills this extreme metal amalgam across two connected tracks: "Piangimorti I" and "Piangimorti II.

Physical cassettes from Nailbat Tape, with a later release by Infernal South Productions in South America.


Makeup and Vanity Set - Liturgy (NBT033)


With his Makeup and Vanity Set project, Matthew Pusti has pushed the boundaries of synthwave and progressive electronics since the late 90s.

While Pusti is no stranger to darker, more sinister sounds (see his work on the "Jogger" soundtrack or the "Charles Park" series of EPs), "Liturgy" takes MAVS into more foreboding territory. A sprawling yet intense listen, "Liturgy" is the sound of something dreadful just beyond view, something closing in but never seen.

Originally released as a surprise drop on Bandcamp Day, July 3, "Liturgy" now gets its first official physical release with special edition artwork, limited to 50 cassettes.

FFO: Tim Hecker, Roly Porter, Vladislav Delay.

written and recorded by makeup and vanity set

instruments: moog mother 32, eurorack modular synthesizer.

recorded in 2017 and on tour, october 2018.

pan flute on 'Incinerar' performed by cal dykes.

visual art by gg puentes, from his film 'crisalida.'


Friday, October 23, 2020

Necröspeed - Demo 2020 (NBT034)


Raw and filthy blackened thrash from Malaysia. Necröspeed worship lo-fi ugliness, and on their debut demo, they take the first-wave black metal of Bathory and Venom and channel it through early speed metal and thrash influences like Motörhead and Sodom.

Limited to 75 tapes. Comes with download code.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Cryptic Rising - Putrid Remnants (NBT032)

Vile, repugnant industrial death metal from the Tennessee-based shape-shifters in Cryptic Rising.

On the Demos collection released on Nailbat Tapes in 2019, we heard a project that morphed from second-wave worshiping black metal to noise-infused doom to bestial blackened death metal, with detours through dark ambient scattered in between.

On Putrid Remnants, Cryptic Rising shed their skin once again, delivering a heaving slab of industrial-infused death metal. Originally released digitally by the band in January 2020, this is the first official physical release.

Purchase here.

Dim Lords - A Paler You (NBT031)

The second slab of blackened caustic vitriol from the mysterious Dim Lords.

On the anonymous band's debut, we found a fully formed amalgam of black metal, punk, and pyschedelic rock. On "A Paler You," we find a more volatile mix of those ingredients and an examination of deep levels of parasitism.

The bile spit forth on these 6 tracks come from a shadowy group filled with disdain and one that carries no interest in interacting with any of us.

Purchase here