NBT026 Cryptic Rising Demos
NBT025 Suffering Profusion Obsilitary
NBT024 Ayatollah Monoambiente Insalubre
NBT023 Red Boiling Springs Paternal II
NBT022 Maltheist Servile
NBT021 Dim Lords Last World, Dead Universe
NBT020 Depleted Conjurations of Void
NBT019 Fecal Vomit Rectal Invaders
NBT018 Clawing / Offerbeest
NBT017 Red Boiling Springs Paternal
NBT016 Raven Downfall of a Modern Man
NBT015 Red Boiling Springs Adrift
NBT014 Hadals The Dog
NBT013 Maltheist Maltheist
NBT012 Lamplighter Trepanation
NBT011.5 Red Boiling Springs Actual Malice
NBT011 Red Boiling Springs Environments
NBT010 The Young Livers Songs for Fighting
NBT009 German Castro The Passion of German Castro 
NBT008 Massacre of Ellis Hanging With the Trainables
NBT007 Red Boiling Springs Alaxsxaq
NBT006 Poet Named Revolver Meets Gruesome
NBT005 Sacaea Sacaea
NBT004 Jasmin Kaset Jasmin Kaset
NBT003 Dawn From Filth Blooms the Lotus
NBT002 Cantasy Famp Cantasy Famp
NBT001 Various Artists The Sound of Justice