NBT039 Depleted - Onus
NBT038 Disrotten - Demo MMXX
NBT037 Urza - The Omnipresence of Loss
NBT036 Poisonous Wind - Conflagration of the Sty 
NBT035 Depleted / A Vintage Death
NBT034 Necröspeed - Demo 2020
NBT033 Makeup and Vanity Set - Liturgy
NBT032 Cryptic Rising - Putrid Remnants
NBT031 Dim Lords - A Paler You
NBT030 Inseminated Corpse - Inseminated Corpse
NBT029 Thinner - Ugly as Sin
NBT028 Leather Parisi / Corroded Carcass - Black Petrichor
NBT027 Red Moon - Eclipsing
NBT026 Cryptic Rising - Demos
NBT025 Suffering Profusion - Obsilitary
NBT024 Ayatollah - Monoambiente Insalubre
NBT023 Red Boiling Springs - Paternal II
NBT022 Maltheist - Servile
NBT021 Dim Lords - Last World, Dead Universe
NBT020 Depleted - Conjurations of Void
NBT019 Fecal Vomit - Rectal Invaders
NBT018 Clawing / Offerbeest
NBT017 Red Boiling Springs - Paternal
NBT016 Raven - Downfall of a Modern Man
NBT015 Red Boiling Springs - Adrift
NBT014 Hadals - The Dog
NBT013 Maltheist - Maltheist
NBT012 Lamplighter - Trepanation
NBT011.5 Red Boiling Springs - Actual Malice
NBT011 Red Boiling Springs - Environments
NBT010 The Young Livers - Songs for Fighting
NBT009 German Castro - The Passion of German Castro 
NBT008 Massacre of Ellis - Hanging With the Trainables
NBT007 Red Boiling Springs - Alaxsxaq
NBT006 Poet Named Revolver - Meets Gruesome
NBT005 Sacaea - Sacaea
NBT004 Jasmin Kaset - Jasmin Kaset
NBT003 Dawn - From Filth Blooms the Lotus
NBT002 Cantasy Famp - Cantasy Famp
NBT001 Various Artists - The Sound of Justice